How to Choose Office Chairs for Working at Home?

How to Choose Office Chairs for Working at Home?

With most people now working from home due to the global pandemic, the importance of creating a comfortable and productive working environment at home is even greater. One of the ways of creating a conducive workspace at home is to choose an effective office chair.

There are numerous benefits of choosing a good office chair, including having less back strain. An excellent, supportive office chair reduces the fatigue and discomfort that comes with sitting for long hours.

Studies have proven that comfortable employees are more productive and contribute to a more positive work environment than uncomfortable employees. A good, comfortable office chair will also reduce the number of breaks you take because of being uncomfortable.


4 Tips For Choosing Office Chairs for Working at Home

  1. Choose a chair that has a variety of back support features

Ergonomic office chairs are designed with many features, but you should invest in one that offers multiple points of back support. Look for an office chair that comes with a reclining option, lumbar support, and a backrest with adjustable height.

All these features will help to improve your productivity while you work. Healthwise, an ergonomic office chair with a full-backrest ensures correct sitting posture and reduces pain from conditions affecting the lumbar or other parts of your back.


  1. Choose an office chair with a waterfall seat design

Waterfall office chair designs get their name from their rounded front edge. These chairs aren't just aesthetically beautiful, but also helps you to maintain a good posture. They achieve this in two ways:

  • Their contoured and slightly downward sloped shape helps to reduce pressure and provide support behind your knees and the back of your thighs, consequently improving blood flow to your lower limbs.
  • Secondly, the waterfall chair design provides an even distribution across the whole seat pan, providing a more comfortable and relaxed sitting experience.


  1. Choose an office chair with breathable upholstery

More than just aesthetics, office chairs with breathable upholstery provides a comfortable seating experience across the seat pan, armrest, and backrest. Because you'll be sitting for long hours during work, it's essential to find a chair design with a breathable mesh.

The idea is to increase the airflow within the seat to prevent it from being too warm.

These chairs are great in the summer or in regions where it is hot all year round. Being sweaty at work can be uncomfortable, thereby reducing productivity. Another plus is that mesh upholstery is usually smoother, softer, and less itchy than the material options.


  1. Choose a highly adjustable office chair

The more the adjustability points on an office chair, the more you can personalize your seating experience and enjoy the ergonomic benefits. At the very least, choose a seat with an adjustable backrest, seat pan, and armrest.

The backrest should have the ability to be adjusted forward or backward, with an option to recline or move closer to the table.

The height of the seat pan should be adjustable so that you can easily move it to the right level of your table. The armrest should also be adjustable to different directions, with options to move it either upwards or downwards as well as forward and backward.


Finally, the position of your shoulders and arms of your home office chair should have a say if a chair is comfortable for you or not. An office chair that encourages you to shrug your shoulders to get your elbows on the armrest will cause severe discomfort and should be avoided.

Try out several high back chairs, and choose one that relaxes you while you work.


 In a Nutshell

Nowadays, most modern homes are built with a workspace and require an office chair to get the job done. Irrespective of what you use it for, whether it's work or gaming, you need an office chair that offers comfort and proper posture.

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